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An ingenious and simple idea to learn basic facts while developing a deep and intuitive understanding of how numbers work! The soft flexible plastic folding table with vertical and horizontal channels allows children to continuously fold the table again and again. Includes detailed lesson plans and further suggestions for class activities.

Red numbers across the top and in the left hand column act as the addends in addition, the subtrahend and remainders in subtraction, multipliers and multiplicands in multiplication, and divisors and quotients in division.

For example, to find the answer to 6 + 7:

  1. Look along the top row and find the 6.
  2. Fold the table from top to bottom vertically, so that the numbers 7-10 are folded back under the numbers 1-6.
  3. Keep the table folded and look down the left-hand column until you find the number 7.
  4. Fold the table up horizontally, under this row.
  5. In the right-hand corner, you'll find the answer: 13!

Flexitables Addition/Subtraction
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Grade Level: 1 - 3

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Quantity Product No. Title PriceGrade
2443 Flexitable Addition/Subtraction (Set of 20) $99.001-3
Set of 20 Addition/Subtraction soft, foldable grids. Made in United Kingdom.
2441 Flexitable Addition/Subtraction $6.951-3
Single Addition/Subtraction soft, foldable grid. Made in United Kingdom.

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