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Primary Concepts
Sensory Learning for PreK-5 and Special Needs

Sensational Math™ Consecutive™

The Fast-Paced Number Dice Game!

Students compete in this fast-paced number dice game to arrange their dice roll (2 to 7 dice) into the lowest or highest number based on the dealer’s roll of the greater than/less than die. The dice game provides number sense from tens to millions place value depending on number of dice used by each student or team. This game can be played at any grade level as the number of dice each player uses dictates the difficulty. The smart player knows ordering their roll in ascending or descending consecutive order is the key to winning, plus the luck of the roll. Includes 4 sand timers ranging from 15 to 60 seconds. The shorter the time for players to create their number, the wilder the game becomes! This game will boost student proficiency with greater than/less than, place value, consecutive order and number sense skills while having fun! 2-6 players or teams, plus dealer.

The game comes with 36 white dice with dot patterns 1-6, plus 6 blank white dice, 6 green “dealer” dice with dot patterns 1-6, plus 1 blank green dealer die, 1 orange greater than/less than dealer die, 4 sand timers, (1 each 15, 30, 45 seconds & 1 minute), 50-page score pad, re-sealable bag to store dice, game rules sheet with reproducible score sheet on reverse side.

Basic game play: The teacher or designated student uses the green dice and orange greater than/less than die to deal out the number challenge. For example: If the game is using numbers to 5 place values (ten thousands) the dealer rolls 5 green dot pattern dice with plus the orange >/< die. The dealer rolls > and arranges the 5 green dice into the number. The appropriate sand timer (15 seconds to 1 minute) is turned over and the 2-6 players roll 5 white dot pattern dice. They must now quickly arrange their dice into a number they think is greater than the green dice number. The student with highest number that beats the dealer and other players wins the round. Had the orange die been <, then the players or teams would be trying to get the lowest number. The blank die can be added to create 7 place values as a zero. The zero may not be used as the first digit. The player or team that wins the most rounds gets first place. As students master ordering dice to create the highest or lowest number, you can add place values (more dice) or shorten the time per round with the sand timers to increase the pace and fun!

Sensational Math™ Consecutive™
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Grade Level: PreK - 5

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626686 Consecutive $14.99all ages
Includes 36 white dice, 6 blank white dice, 6 green dice, 1 blank green die, 1 orange die, 4 sand timers, score pad, re-sealable bag to store dice, and game rules sheet.

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