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This kit will make it easy to set up a word wall that will produce results in your classroom. The 254 high frequency word wall tiles are large, bright white with black type, and fit onto our big, rich purple 48" by 38" pocket chart. There are example words for all the letter sounds, most common blends, digraphs, vowel patterns, contractions, compounds, homophones, word endings, color words, number words, and more than 30 word families. You'll find these easy-to-read tiles convenient to handle, and vastly superior to cumbersome word cards. Children can move them back and forth from desktop to word wall and back again.

Alphabet Header Cards will let you set up easy-to-find columns for each group of sight words on the pocket chart, and yellow Highlighter Strips will accent special features on individual words.

The Word Wall Work book provides step-by-step instructions for setting up and managing your word wall, and helps you integrate it into your daily literacy program. All words can be seen easily and will serve as a great reference for children who are trying to find words they need to spell. Add a new word each day and you'll see how quickly your students learn to read and spell them.

Kit includes:

  • Word Wall Work
  • Word Wall Tiles
  • Word Tile Organizer
  • Pocket Chart
  • Alphabet Header Cards
  • Highlighter Strips.

Please note: Complete kit, pocket chart, and Word Wall Work book no longer available.

Word Wall Kit
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Grade Level: K - 3



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Quantity Product No. Title PriceGrade
1482 Word Wall Tiles $49.95
This comprehensive set of 254 large (up to 3 1/2"), indestructible word wall tiles includes all the words in the Dolch list, plus the 150 most used words according to the American Heritage Word Frequency book. Includes header cards.
1483 16-Drawer Organizer $36.99
This sturdy plastic box with 16 drawers is perfect for organizing and storing word tiles. Drawers measure 2" by 5 3/8" and are 1 1/2" high. Includes upper and lowercase alphabet stickers to label each drawer. Organizer only, no tiles included.
1485 Word Wall Highlighter Strips $3.95
These transparent yellow acetate strips match the height of our tiles and make it easy to highlight special features of words on your word wall.

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