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These beautiful, precision molded plastic letter tiles are easy to move around on the table or desktop. Simply slide away one tile and insert another. Each set includes two to four of each lowercase letter, plus all 26 capital letters. Tiles measure 1" by 1.25". Vowels are red, consonants are black.

Purchase our Alphabet Letter Tile Kit for the best value: 20 sets of one-sided Alphabet Letter Tiles, a total of 1880 tiles in all, plus five Letter Tile Organizers. Add extra tile sets, letter cluster tiles and/or organizers to customize for your classroom.

Alphabet Letter Tiles (One Sided)
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Grade Level: K - 3


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Quantity Product No. Title PriceGrade
1502 Alphabet Letter Tiles 1-Sided (20) $259.99K-3
20 sets of one-sided Alphabet Letter Tiles, a total of 1880 tiles in all, plus five Letter Tile Organizers.
1401 Alphabet Letter Tiles 1-Sided (4) $49.99K-3
Four sets of our sturdy plastic letter tiles, in convenient Letter Tile Organizer, for word building activities.
1400 Alphabet Letter Tiles 1-Sided $10.99K-3
Each set contains between 2 and 4 of each letter in the alphabet, and 26 capital letters. 94 letters in all, including 2 apostrophes.
7400 32-Compartment Classroom Organizer $12.99PreK+
Store and organize all your alphabet letters or other small items in this versatile, clear plastic container. 13.7" x 8.6" x 1.37" deep, with 32 fixed compartments, push-tight lid, and tile layout guide.
1402 Letter Cluster Tiles $18.99K-3
Our Cluster Tiles represent 78 of the most important letter groupings children need to recognize in reading and spelling. 19 blends, 4 diagraphs, 12 vowel pairs, 5 word endings and 38 rimes.
1403 Letter Cluster Tiles (4-pack) $69.99K-3
Four sets of our Letter Cluster Tiles, at a special price. 312 tiles in all, in handy ziplock bag.
1168 20-Compartment Classroom Organizer $10.99PreK+
Perfect storage solution for our Letter Cluster Tiles (item# 1402 and 1403). Clear plastic container measures 10.68" x 7.56" x 1.68". Includes 20 fixed compartments with push-tight lid.

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