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These adorable LadyBugs are perfect for all your counting, sorting or grouping activities! Made from durable & washable PVC plastic. Each set provides 3 colors (red, yellow & blue) and they are a large 1.15" (29mm) in diameter, just right for little hands. Includes plastic sorting and storage tray. Also expands Sensational Math™ LadyBug Ten-Frame Math for use in multiple math centers or whole class instruction!

Sensational Math™ LadyBug Manipulatives
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Grade Level: K - 3


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Quantity Product No. Title PriceGrade
626671 Oodles of LadyBugs (300 Count) $89.99K-3
Includes 300 total LadyBug Manipulatives (100 each red, yellow & blue).
626670 Ten-Frame Leaves $8.99K-3
Includes 30 6.63" x 13.66" ten frames.
626668 LadyBug Ten-Frame Math $24.99K-2
Includes 40 problem-solving cards, ten-frame mat, and 30 ladybug counters (10 each of red, yellow, and blue).

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