Sensory Learning for PreK-5 and Special Needs
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You asked for it! The irresistible miniature objects used in these new hands-on collections will actively engage young students while building their oral language skills and saving you time!

Each individual set includes:

  • 18 food items
  • 55 different animals
  • 31 items associated with people
  • 48 household items
  • 29 sports and toy items

The Language Object Set Special includes all 5 sets for a total of 181 Objects.

Language Object Sets
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Grade Level: PreK - 2


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Quantity Product No. Title PriceGrade
5744 Language Object Set Special (181 pcs) $189.99PreK-2

4941 Language Object Sets-Food (18 pcs) $14.99Pre K-2

4942 Language Object Sets-Animals (55 pcs) $39.99Pre K-2

4943 Language Object Sets-People (31 pcs) $45.99Pre K-2

4938 Language Object Sets-Around the House (48 pcs) $59.99PreK-2

4939 Language Object Sets-Sports & Toys (29 pcs) $34.99PreK-2


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