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With 3-D Reading kits, the essential skills of phonics, sight word recognition, visualization, and comprehension all come together for beginners in the actual, magical act of reading! Children experience the joy of "getting it"- of moving beyond just recognizing and decoding isolated words on a page, to truly understanding the meaning of passages they have read.

  1. Children read and re-read the 15 short, charming stories, written at just the right level for their emerging skills.
  2. They demonstrate their understanding of each passage by choosing the appropriate objects and placing them in the correct spots on the illustration of the story.
  3. Draw in the missing objects in a reproducible version of the story to keep and show off to friends and family!

Each set includes: 15 laminated, illustrated story cards, 17 charming, detailed miniature objects, and teaching notes.

3-D Reading
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Grade Level: K - 2


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Attached Files: Level 1 and 2 Sample Passages

Quantity Product No. Title PriceGrade
5201 3-D Reading: Level 1 $39.99K-1
Stories include consonant-vowel-consonant (CVC) words and basic beginning sight words.
5202 3-D Reading: Level 2 $39.991-2
Stories include "magic e" words, consonant blends, consonant and vowel digraphs, and more difficult, but essential, sight words.

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