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Primary Concepts
Active Learning for PreK-3 and Special Needs

The Road to Reading Complete Program

Put students back on the road to reading! The Road to Reading: Intervention for Struggling Learners is designed for students in Grades K-5 who have fallen behind in the basic reading skills normally taught in Grades K-2. This systematic, sequential reading intervention program is based on widely accepted research, plus Common Core and state standards.

Foundational reading skills and strategies are practiced over and over with hands-on, multisensory instruction that will keep children enthusiastic and actively engaged. The complete, easy-to-teach program helps students reach grade level goals quickly, and move on to success in the classroom.

Complete Road to Reading Literacy Intervention Program includes:

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The Road to Reading Complete Program
Product Overview

Grade Level: K - 3



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Quantity Product No. Title PriceGrade
3934 The Road to Reading Complete Program $595.00K-3
Binder and Resource CD, plus picture cards, letter tiles, word tiles, organizers, word part tiles, cluster tiles, portable pocket chart, basket and counters.
3935 The Road to Reading Binder & CD $99.00K-3
Binder includes 288 pages, with tabs, plus grade and skill references for easy use. Resource CD includes more than 150 pages of printable resources.
1109 Sound Sorting Set plus Portable Pocket Chart $199.00PreK-2
All five picture card sets (522 picture cards), in divided organizer box, with guidebook. Plus royal blue Portable Pocket Chart, 20" w x 18" h, with 9 pockets for tabletop, with back storage pocket and divider strips. $245 Value!
1934 Portable Pocket Chart $69.95
Measures 20" wide by 18" high, with 10 rows and 8 Sorting Strips to emphasize the distinctions between your sorts. Includes back storage pocket; folds flat.
1265 Word Study Notebook (Set of 20) $29.951-3
Help students become better spellers by having them focus on the 50 most common spelling patterns in a journal with illustrations of target sounds. 30 pages. Set of 20.
1292 My ABC Book (Set of 20) $29.95PreK-1
20 Journals, 30 pages with space to paste pictures and write words.
1538 Alphabet Tiles $7.95K-3
52 tiles in all. For use with The Road to Reading.

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Put students back on the road to reading! This research-based, systematic, sequential reading intervention program is ...



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