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Word Ladders offers children guided practice in word building. Ladders show a series of colorful pictures on large, 3" by 16" cards. Each picture/word differs by only one or two letters from the one above it. Children build the first word with letter tiles, then add, delete, or change letters to make each subsequent word. As they descend the ladder, they record each word on a Recording Sheet, then check it on the answer card. Ladders progress in difficulty, from simple CVC words with no vowel change, to more complex letter combinations (blends, digraphs, vowel pairs, etc.)

Each set includes 24 Word Ladders, 4 sets of Student Letter Tiles, 24 sets of Answer Cards, plus Teaching Notes and FREE projectable version for whole class use.

Word Ladder Kit
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Grade Level: K - 3



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Recording sheets and letter tile reproducible

Quantity Product No. Title PriceGrade
1871 Word Ladder Special $220.00K-3
With the 4-pack of Word Ladders you get 96 Word Ladders, 16 sets of Student Letter Tiles (720 tiles in all), 4 sets of Answer Cards, plus Teaching Notes. $240.00 Value!
1490 Word Ladder Kit $59.95K-3
Includes 24 Word Ladders, (on the back of each ladder is the list of letters to be used to make each word) 24 separate Answer Cards, 4 sets of Student Letter Tiles, plus Teaching Notes.

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