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Primary Concepts
Active Learning for PreK-3 and Special Needs

Free Downloads

Try our books and hands-on activities in your own classroom. Just download a file and use Adobe Acrobat Reader to print them out, whenever you want. You'll see teaching notes, simple's that easy! Download speeds may vary, depending on the number of pages in the file.

Free Readers' Theater Download of the Month
Hands on Learning Guidebook-First Phonics Studio
Hands on Learning Guidebook-Hands-On Alphabet
Hands on Learning Guidebook-High Frequency Words
Hands on Learning Guidebook-Moveable Alphabet
Hands on Learning Guidebook-Sentence Building with Word Cubes
Hands on Learning Guidebook-Sound Sorting
Hands on Learning Guidebook-Success with Bigger Words
Hands on Learning Guidebook-The Phonics Factory
Idiom of the Week
Learning with Letter Tiles
Plays for Every Day
Realia: Making Language Real
Sensational Math: Essential Number Cards
Sensational Math: Jumbo Magnetic Place Value Demonstration Discs
Sensational Math: Place Value Cards
Sensational Math: Place Value Discs
Sight Word Readers
Talk and Learn
Word Problem of the Day